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application time :]

name: Ny'Cole (aka Nikki, dollface, shortstop)
age: 20 years young :]
Sex: 100% chica
Status: eh...that's questionable at the moment, but for the purposes of this survey, we'll say i'm single :]
orientation: strictly dickly <3


Abortion: every woman has the right to choose what's best for her life. i don't condone the use of it for myself, but i don't condemn it for other people either.
War: it can be helpful to an extent but i believe other tactics should be employed before jumping into war with someone.
Premarital sex: any kind of sex is good as long as it's between 2 consenting adults :]
Gay marriages: once again, it's whatever tickles your pickle. love is love no matter where it comes from right? people should be able to choose what gender they want their lifelong partner to be.
Angelina Jolie: she's fucking hot and if i had the chance, i'd definately try to mack it to her :]
You: i <3 me.
Love: it's different for everyone. what's love to me may not be love to the next person and vice versa so, i'm gonna keep quiet about this one.
Lust: it can make you do things you'd never imagined doing. it'd a very strong feeling to be "in lust" with someone. however, it's also a very satisfying feeling.
aliens: if they exist, i wish one of them would come contact me so that i can put all the guessing and speculating to rest once and for all.


Band: hmm...i guess that would have to be 8 Ball & MJG (even tho they're not a band lol)
movie: definately friday. AND YOU KNOW THIS MAAAN!! :]
book: forever, erma by erma bombeck
tv show: either law & order: svu or CSI (i love detective shows lol)
celebrity: jessica alba <3
actor: chris tucker <3
actress: jessica alba or angelina jolie :]
Color: orange <3
Food: anything italian or mexican

this was me a few days ago

this was me a couple days ago

and this is me today lol

this is just a pic that i like lol

enjoy! <33
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