nessie (__this_is_me) wrote in sexibiatch,

name: vanessa
Sex:: girl
Status: im "talking" to a boy...
orientation: caucasian (did i spell it right??)

Abortion: abortion disgusts me. the argument "its her body" is not one that should be accepted becasue he if she were to kill "her body" thats suecide. (im sure youve heard this in my hawt_like_whoah appl.) there are many other options than murder. i mean girls can put there baby up for adoption...some girls cant have babies...that really want to be mothers and can support a child.
War:eek. i dont know a lot about this subject. its kinda funny though...we punish people for killing ONE other person, but we are sending our boys over to other countries to kill as many people as possible??
Premarital sex: i cant say im totally against it..cuz when i lost my virginity i reliezed i wasnt ready for that sort of stuff...and it showed me that thats all that boy wanted, and it totally changed how i handle my relationships now. and i know now that i need to wait a looooooooooong time to have sex really broke my heart the first time. but everyones different. mine was a learning it really depends on the person.
Gay marriages:if i can fall in love with a boy and get married to him...why can't EVERYONE do the same? same with girls girls.
Angelina Jolie: ever since i saw girl inturupted..ive had a lot of respect for her. she played that part excellant, and im sure it was not easy to pull of.
You:i think im a girl..thats just trying to find herself. as of right now..i know i love jeans and swings. lunchables and holding hands. i wish i had more of an opinion of myself...but i dont really.
Love: oh boy..i dont know. once..i thought i loved a boy, and he was sure he loved me. buuuuut now he has a girl friend that he "loves more" but i thought love was when...yea lets just say im confused on the subject.
Lust: well i seems to make some poeple happy. its one of those things you cant really avoid.
aliens: im sure they would be nice.

Band: band...hmm static lullaby.
movie: fight club
book: invisible
tv show: BOY MEETS WORLD!!!! oh and friends...
celebrity:  tucker, the drummer from  thursday. hes such a nice person..and i look up so much, his drumming is amayzing!!
actor: edward norton. (fight club and american history x)
actress: brittney murphy. she can be a tramp in 8 mile, a sweet rich girl in just married, a funny teenager in sister sister, a sueicidal victom in girl inturupted...etc.
Food: oreos.

(sorry i didnt apply earlier, photo bucket wasnt working so i couldnt get my pics) butt



 before i cut my hair off..

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